Wilanow Palace and garden – guided tour

Wilanow Palace is one of the most beautiful sights in Warsaw – You must see it 🙂

In the XVII century, when our King Jan III Sobieski wanted to build his summer residences he ordered to create the Villa Nowa Palace. When the King moved to that palace all area was known as Wilanow.

Nowadays, from the name of the palace comes the name of the whole district of the city – Wilanów.

We highly recommend visiting this palace and garden, because it is one of the most original palace interiors. King Sobieski loved to walk in the garden, which is why the park is one of the most beautiful in the city.

Wilanow Palace
Wilanow Palac

In the palace, next to the antique chambers of King Jan and Queen Maria, we can admire a gallery of Polish portrait. In this palace, the first Museum of Art in Poland was created in 1805. Wilanów Palace survived Poland’s partitions and both World Wars.

The private chambers of the King and Queen are decorated in four seasons. Two bedrooms and two anteroom – each of them symbolizes a different time of year – a symbol of royal features. It represents the characteristic type of baroque suburban kings’ residence. Upon its elevations and in the palace interiors ancient symbols glorify the Sobieski family, especially the military triumphs of the king who won the Vienna Battle in 1683.

Visiting the palace with a guide takes about 1.5 hours.

It’s worth going to the park for about 1 hour.

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