Fryderyk Chopin Route

Fryderyk Chopin Route in Warsaw

Fryderyk Chopin – the most famous polish composer. He was born in Żelazowa Wola, small village 45 km far from Warsaw.

His father Nicolaus (Mikołaj) Chopin came from France but when he was 16 he came to Warsaw. He worked as a private teacher in Żelazowa Wola. There he met his future wife Justyna. Mikołaj and Justyna Chopin had 4 children, and the most famous of course was Fryderyk.

When Fryderyk was 7-8 months his father started to work in Warsaw high-school as a Franch language teacher that’s why whole family moved to Warsaw. Fryderyk lived in Warsaw by 19 years so we invite you sigtseeing places connected with him.

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Fryderyk Chopin Route

Where he lived?

Where he played?

Where he met his friends?

Where his first public concert took place?

You can find the answers to these questions and many others by walking along the Fryderyk Chopin route.

Places that we want to show you:

Lazienki Park in Warsaw - guided tour, sightseeing Warsaw
  • Fryderyk Chopin Monument in theRoyal Łazienki Park – the most famouse symbol of Warsaw. Every year, during the holiday season, on Sundays, you can listen to a live concert of Chopin music. These conserts are free of charge,  which is why they are very popular. For a pianist who plays a concert it is a great honore to be able to play at the Fryderyk Chopin Monument. For years, that concerts have been held on Sunday at 12 and 4 pm.
  • The Fryderyk Chopin Musuem in the Ostrogski Palace. It is one of the most modern biographical museums in Europe. The contemporary exhibition contains a various items related to Fryderyk e.g the Pleyel grand piano on which composer played for the last two years of his life, apart from the instrument, you can see other personal belongings of the composer e.g. letter and sheet music manuscripts or a lock of Fryderyk’s hair. The Fryderyk Chopin Museum has the largest collection of Chopin memorabilia in the world.
  • The Holy Cross Church – the places where Chopin’s heart was buried.
  • Chopin’s benches – The Fryderyk Chopin Route was marked in 2010 – then took place Chopin’s year to commemorate 200th anniversary of the composer’s birth. The hallmark of this route is black, granite, playing benches. There are set in the places associated with Fryderyk.  Each of them plays a different fragment of Chopin’s music.

During all tours we invite You to the Fryderyk Chopin Music concerts which is organize by Chopin Point 😊 You will definitely love Chopin’s music 😍

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