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Company name “Poznaj Warszawę” can be translated into English as “Explore Warsaw” or “Get to know Warsaw

Thanks to many years of experience, we will satisfy the most demanding customers.

We invite you to explore Warsaw with our guides 🙂

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Poznaj Warszawe specializes in guided tours in Warsaw.

Experience gained over the years allows us to prepare highly interesting sightseeing programs for our most demanding customers.

Our guides are primarily all history enthusiasts who love their work. In addition, they have the necessary qualifications and licenses to tour of the museums in Warsaw.

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Welcome to cooperate: organized groups, travel agencies and indiwiduals. We will help to organize time in Warsaw and proffesionally take care of the group.

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Some words about the founder of the company Poznaj Warszawę

– Warsaw tour guide Malgorzata Arabas:
Warsaw tour guide, Sightseeing Warsaw, Warsaw guide

My adventure with Warsaw started a while ago when I was just a child. My mother had taken me for a walk on the Krakow Suburb street, and then at some point we went to the Old Warsaw University Library for chocolate from the vending machine – there was the tastiest one at the time! We later walked through the gates of Warsaw University heading to the library when I suddenly thought to myself: I would like to study there; to enter and walk past this beautiful passage on a daily bases… And that is exactly what happened!

I graduated from the Faculty of Geography and Regional Studies at the Institute of Regional and Global Studies, and specialized in Economic Geography. Already from the first year of college I took a course on tour guiding and proceeded a little later to take another on Warsaw tour guiding – and I knew immediately that this is what I would do – guide people through Warsaw.

Małgorzata Arabas


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