The Museum of the History of Polish Jews – guided tour

Museum of the History of Polish Jews
Museum of the History of Polish Jews

The Museum was opened as cultural and educational center with presenting the thousand-year history of Polish Jews. Formally founded by the Association of the Jewish Historical Institute of Poland, the City of Warsaw, and the Polish Ministry of Culture and National Heritage.

The exhibition is made up of eight galleries, presenting the heritage and culture of Polish Jews. Show the social, religious and political diversity of the Polish Jews, highlighting dramatic events from the past, the Holocaust, and concluding with contemporary times.

Galleries in the Core Exhibition:

Museum of the History of Polish Jews
Museum of the History of Polish Jews
  • First Encounters – gallery presents the oldest period – the Middle Ages – the arrival Jews to Poland from 960 to 1500 year.
  • Paradisus ludaeorum – gallery presents the Golden Age in history of Polish Jews from 1569 to 1648 year. There visitors can see the interactive model of Krakow and presentation about rich culture of the local Jewish community.
  • The Jewish Town – gallery presents general background of the Commonwealth and Jewish life around marketplace and Synagogue.
  • Encounters with Modernity – gallery presents the history of the partitions as well as their consequences for Jews.
  • On the Jewish Street – gallery displays the Jewish life from 1918 till 1939.
  • The Holocaust
  • Postwar Years – gallery exhibits the Jewish life after the Second World War till the present time.

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