Places to see in Warsaw


Places to see in Warsaw


Places to see in Warsaw – here we present the most beautiful and attractive places in which every being in Warsaw should visit. Places which we recommend, which relate to the history of the city and the most important people. Warsaw is such a beautiful city, built on a multicultural tradition. concealing a variety of mysteries, so a guided tour is the best option. Warsaw Guide not only lead to places worth seeing in Warsaw, but also will bring interesting facts to them.

Our company cooperates with the best city guides. We will help plan tour route, make reservations and above all provide a very nice accompany to our guests while spending time in the Polish capital.

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National Museum in Warsaw guided tour - sightseeing Warsaw
National Museum in Warsaw has a permanent collection divided by 7 galleries. The exchibitions contains the archaeological study of art from ancient and classical antiquity through the Middla Ages to the new and latest. The great collections of paintings, drawings, sculptures, decorative arts are unique in Europe. Especially collection of […]

National Museum in Warsaw – guided tour

Krakow Suburbs Avenue - guided tour - sightseeing Warsaw
The Krakowskie Przedmieście Street – (Krakow Suburbs) it is first part of the Royal Road. That street was named Krakow Suburbs because it points in the direction to Krakow – the former capital of Poland. Krakowskie Przedmieście, in the old days, was a street with a beautiful palaces where the […]

Krakowskie Przedmieście street – guided tour

The Museum of the History of Polish Jews - guided tour, sightseeing Warsaw
The Museum of the History of Polish Jews was opened as cultural and educational center with presenting the thousand-year history of Polish Jews. Formally founded by the Association of the Jewish Historical Institute of Poland, the City of Warsaw, and the Polish Ministry of Culture and National Heritage. The exhibition […]

The Museum of the History of Polish Jews – guided ...

Palace on the Isle - guided tours - sightseeing Warsaw
The Palace on the Isle is located in the Royal Łazienki Park. That Palace was summer residence of our last King Stanisław August Poniatowski who reigned in the second part of the 18th century. The most important Royal Residence designed by Dominik Merlini, main king's architect. Initially, in the 17th […]

Palace on the Isle – guided tour

Warsaw Old Town guided tours - sightseeing Warsaw
The Warsaw Old Town is very romantic part of the historical Warsaw. Streets with a number of landmarks are the best places to feel the unique "genius loci" of Warsaw. The greater part of Warsaw and also the Old Town was the near-totaly destructed and rebuild after the Second World […]

Warsaw Old Town – guided tour

Lazienki Park in Warsaw - guided tour, sightseeing Warsaw
Lazienki Park in Warsaw (Łazienki Królewskie) it is a unique Royal Garden on 72 hectare. This landscape area was designed as a game park belonging to the Mazowian princes. On that place You can see some historical buildings for example: The Old Orangery or the Amphitheatre. The most common is […]

Lazienki Park in Warsaw – guided tour

Royal Castle Warsaw - guided tour, Sightseeing Warsaw
The Royal Castle Warsaw (Zamek Królewski w Warszawie) is the one of the greatest tourist attractions in Warsaw and in Poland. It was not only the main Royal Residence but also the seat of the Parliament of the Polish – Lithuanian Commonwealth. Castle had withessed many events of Polish history. […]

Royal Castle Warsaw – guided tour