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The National Museum in Warsaw – guided tour

National Museum in Warsaw guided tour - sightseeing Warsaw
National Museum

National Museum in Warsaw has a permanent collection divided by 7 galleries. The exchibitions contains the archaeological study of art from ancient and classical antiquity through the Middla Ages to the new and latest. The great collections of paintings, drawings, sculptures, decorative arts are unique in Europe. Especially collection of late medieval church art, ancient monuments or the Nubian Faras cathedral are very interesting for history lovers.


The galleries in the National Museum:

  • Faras Gallery

Gallery which has the only one in Europe and unique in the world exhibition of art and culture of the Nubian Christian period. The collection of over 60 paintings from the 8th to 14th centuries came from the Faras cathedral. Faras was a large urban centre in the Medieval kingdom of Nobadia, in present-day Sudan.

The Nubia Campaign was an international mission to preserve ancient legacies threatened by flooding from the imminent construction of the Aswan High Dam in Egypt and the resulting formation of the artificial reservoir, Lake Nasser. The paintings discovered by the Polish archaeological team working in Faras were executed on the plaster walls of the cathedral with tempera paint.

  • Gallery of Ancient Art

That gallery presents approximately 1,800 historical artefacts of ancient civilizations of Egypt, the Middle East, Greece and Rome. The most interesting are, among others: the sarcophagus and cartonnage of the priest Hor Djehuti with the mummy of an unknown woman, papyrus with the Book of the Dead written in hieroglyphs (almost 10 meters long), ritual false door from the tomb of an Egyptian official named Izi, or a portrait of a young boy that probably comes from the oasis of Fayum (Egypt). Among the most valuable objects, one should mention a golden mask (protoma) in the shape of a bull’s head, originating in Iran. The display includes also monumental antique marble sculptures. One of the rooms is devoted to Greek vase painting.

  • Gallery of Medieval Art

Gallery presents impressive winged altars, liturgical objects, paintings and sculptures from 14th to 16th centuries. It is the richest and most diverse of its kind in Poland. The gallery was designed to present the role of works of art in the religious life of the Middle Ages.

  • Gallery of 19th Century Art

Gallery presents works of painters and sculptors Polish and other European countries. The confrontation of the works of artists allows to show their artistic aspirations, the same universal ideas or symbols and similar experiments carried out independently workshop. It is a great collection of the best piece of art.

  • Gallery of Polish Designe,

  • Gallery of Europeand and Polish Old Art (from 15th to 18th century).

Gallery of Old Masters demonstrates, the majority of examples of old artisanal handicraft and decorative arts. Thematic gallery is divided into the following areas: 1. palace, villa, manor; 2. church, chapel and home altar; 3rd city. In other words: 1. court culture; 2. religious culture; 3. city culture.

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