Short history of Warsaw

Short history of Warsaw

The history of Warsaw is very long and complicated. From the stronghold, through the royal city, total destruction to a modern metropolis. We encourage you to read a few words about the history of Warsaw.

Pre-war history of Warsaw

Initially it was a Masovian Dukes stronghold. Since XVI century that town was chosen as a parliamentary deliberation place. It’s here that our Polish democracy arosed. In Warsaw the Polish Kings were elected. At the end of XVI century our King Sigismunt III Wasa decided to move from Krakow to Warsaw. Warsaw became a royal city.

Poland stopped to exist at the end of the XVIII century and our last King abdicated. The Partitioning time it was difficult time to Polish culture, art and history. Warsaw become a capital of the Great Duchy of Warsaw, later a capital of the Kongres Kingdom of Poland, and after the November Uprising was incorporated to Russian Partition.

XIX century it was a stormy time. Warsawians fought for our independance during the Kościuszko Uprising, November Uprising January Uprising and World War I.

When Poland regain independence Warsaw became capital of II Polish Republic. The interwar period it was a time, when Poles and Warsawians were joyful of be free after the 123 years partitioning. However, it was a short time, only 20 years.

War and post-war history of Warsaw

During World War II, as early as September 1939, Warsaw was bombed, and many buildings feld in ruins. The area of the largest Jewish ghetto created in the General Government was razed to the ground during the Ghetto Uprising in 1943.

Warsaw residents did not give up without a fight. In occupied Poland, the Home Army grew in strength, the Polish Underground State was created, and finally the fight began. On August 1, 1944, the Warsaw Uprising broke out. After losing the fight, Hitler ordered that the stone on the stone from the city should not remain. Warsaw turned into a sea of ruins.

Warsaw, like Fenix from the ashes,
had to be reborn.

It wasn’t that easy because the communist authorities wanted to rebuild the city in the social-realism style. It was in the 1950’s that the Palace of Culture and Science and the MDM district were built.

Today in Warsaw you can experience many emotions. You can feel like in royal times:

You can visit Warsaw as it was in the times of the Polish People’s Republic, as well as visit the modern center of the capital. - Przewodnicy po Warszawie – Przewodnicy po Warszawie