Things to do in Warsaw

You are in Warsaw – you must do it / see it 🙂

You are the first time in Warsaw and You don’t know what You need to do – You remember!!!

Things to do in Warsaw:

sightseeing Warsaw

eat W-Z cake – typical Warsaw cake which commemorate W-Z motorway – the technical miracle from 1949. Two dark cakes and a white cream symbolize street lines.

sightseeing Warsaw

eat Zymuntówka cake – the cake commemorates our King Sigismund III Vasa – the King who moved from Cracow to Warsaw. The shape of that cake symbolize the king’s crown.

sightseeing Warsaw

drink Królewskie Beer – The label shows an image of King Sigismund III Vasa, beacuse „the Warsaw breweries” renovated the statue at the top of the Column. Today produced by the Warka Brawery.

ride a Warsaw horse carriage – than You can feel like in the XIX century Warsaw, one of the most important city in Europe, where the European and eastern railways crossed.

sightseeing Invisible Exchibition – „[…] is a unique interactive journey into the invisible world, where you can try out, how to cope in everyday situations without the help of sight – only by the sense of hearing, smell, balance… Exercise your senses! […]”

Lazienki Park in Warsaw

feed the squirrels in the Royal Łazienki Park – in the Royal Łazienki Park live about 200 squirrels, 12 peacocks, few foxes, a lot of ducks, hedgehogs and other smaller animals.

find one of the Chopin’s benches – in Warsaw You can find over a dozen playing benches. Each of them plays a fragment of the Fryderyk Chopin musical pieces. They are as black as a greatpiano and they were placed in places associated with Fryderyk Chopin who lived in Warsaw by 19 years.

Lazienki Park in Warsaw - guided tour, sightseeing Warsaw

listen to the Concert of Fryderyk Chopin’s music – every Sunday of the summer at 12.00 and 4 pm in front of the Monument of Frydery Chopin – concert is free of charge. In Warsaw we have few places where You can go to the Chopin’s concert too.

In Warsaw we have a lot of different restaurants, clubs, places where You can spend evening. Warsaw is very multicultural and colourful so we are sure that You will find something for You.

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