Royal Castle Warsaw – guided tour

The Royal Castle Warsaw (Zamek Królewski w Warszawie) is the one of the greatest tourist attractions in Warsaw and in Poland. It was not only the main Royal Residence but also the seat of the Parliament of the Polish – Lithuanian Commonwealth. Castle had withessed many events of Polish history. During the guided tour through the intertiors our guide will tell you the very interesting history and events that shaped the castle nowadays.


The Royal Castle guided tour through interiors takes about 1,5 hour.

Frequently visitors connect sightseeing interiors of Castle with walk through Warsaw Old Town.


In the Castle you can visit:

  • Old Deputie's Chamber (Dawna Izba Poselska) which was first permanent seat of Polish-Lithuanian goverment.
  • Apartments of King Stanisław August Poniatowski reconstructed to look like original. Visitors can see the Hall of the Crown's Horse Guards (Sala Gwardii Koronnej), the Adjutants' Hallway (Przedsionek Adjutantów) and the Officers' Room (Pokój Oficerski).
  • Canaletto Room (Pokój Canaletta) with paintings survived during The World War.
  • Chapel of King Stanisław August (Kaplica Króla Stanisława Augusta) designed by Dominik Merlini.
  • Great Apartment consisting of Grand Antechamber (Wielka Antyszambra), Oval Gallery (Galeria Owalna), Council Chamber (Sala Rady), Marble Room (Pokój Marmurowy), National Hall (Sala Rycerska) and the Throne Room (Sala Tronowa).
  • Apartment of Crown Prince Stanisław Poniatowski with The Gallery of the Four Seasons.
  • New Parliment Chamber.


Details about guided tour in Warsaw Royal Castle:


Guided tours are possible in grups up to 30 people.

Groups with a guide are required to use headsets, which are rented for 5,00 PLN per person.


Ticket prices:

  • regular rate  – 30,00 pln
  • reduced rate  – 20,00 pln
  • family ticket (per person)* – 15,00 pln/pers.
  • children aged up to 16  – 1,00 pln
  • group ticket (per person): regular – 25,00 pln, reduced – 15,00 pln, children aged up to 16  – 1,00 pln

* family with children under 17 years old.

On Sunday admission free of charge.




  • regular rate 17,00 pln
  • reduced rate 12,00 pln
  • ticket for a group (min. 4 people; per person) 11,00 pln






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