Lazienki Park in Warsaw – guided tour

Lazienki Park in Warsaw (Łazienki Królewskie) it is a unique Royal Garden on 72 hectare. This landscape area was designed as a game park belonging to the Mazowian princes. On that place You can see some historical buildings for example: The Old Orangery or the Amphitheatre. The most common is the Palac on the Isle / Palace on the Water (Pałac na wyspie) Royal Residence.

That magnificent palace and park complex was designed by many famous artists: Dominik Merlini, Jan Cristian Kamsetzer, Jakub Kubicki. Now in Palac on the Isle is the Royal Art Museum.

Another very famous point in Lazieki Park in Warsaw is The Statue of Fryderyk Chopin. This statue is a copy of erected W. Szymanowski in 1926. The oryginal one was destroyed during the Second World War. In front of the statue is located the concerts stage, where are many Chopin's concerts in the summer.


Guided tour through the park takes about 1,5 hour, without visiting interiors.

The guided tour throug the Palace on the Isle takes about 45 minutes.


Buildings in the Lazienki Park in Warsaw:

  • In the Old Orangery vistors can see the Gallery of Polish Sculptures with works from the period between 16th and 1939. The Corridor of Fame it is gallery with 283 portraits of Polish famous people.
  • The Amphitheatre build in 1790, modelled on the Herculanum Theatre. Theirs decorations was inspired on ruins from Heliopolis.
  • The Old Guardhouse.
  • The Myśliwiecki Palace.
  • The Cadet House.
  • The White House – used by King Stanisław August Poniatowski's morganatic wife Elżbieta Grabowska.
  • The New Guardhouse.
  • The New Orangery – now in that place is located exclusive Belvedere restaurant.
  • Reservoir (Wodozbiór) from 17th century.


From 2 to 30 November, you can visit the Museum buildings for free as part of the ‘Admission Free November’ campaign


Prices to visit the interior of:

Palace on the Isle

Adult                                                             25 PLN

Reduced*                                                         18 PLN

Children and students under 26***                   1 PLN

*GTS/audio guide                                             free

***GTS/audio guide                                          5 PLN


Old Orangery, Royal Theatre

Adult                                                                  20 PLN

Reduced                                                             10 PLN

Children and students under 26                           1 PLN

***GTS/audio guide                                             5 PLN


Myślewicki Palace

Adult                                                                  10 PLN

Reduced                                                             5 PLN

Children and students under 26                           1 PLN

***GTS/audio guide                                             5 PLN


White Pavilion

Adult                                                                    6 PLN

Reduced                                                               4 PLN

Children and students under 26                            1 PLN

***GTS/audio guide                                              5 PLN


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